how to edit my jamb profile-how to completely correct mistakes on Jamb profile

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I made a mistake in my Jamb profile, is there any way to correct it?
Most times making mistakes can’t be avoided this is not limited to jamb profile but it is very painful if we find such mistakes nearly impossible to correct as quickly as possible.

Correcting Mistakes Using SMS Method

  • To correct a mistake in candidate’s name, resend a text message (from the registered number) “CORRECT Surname First name Middle name” to 55019
  • To retrieve a lost confirmation code, resend a text message (from the registered number) “RESEND” to 55019.

Correcting Made In Jamb Portal

How do I correct mistakes in my profile for Jamb? There are three ways you can correct mistakes in Jamb profile:

  • Waiting for Jamb to announce correction of details on Jamb account.
  • Creating a new Jamb account.
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Jamb usually announces correction of details on Jamb profile. If you made any mistake during Jamb profile creation, one way to correct it is by waiting for Jamb to announce date correction. Which comes with additional cost. 

Please note that creation of jam profile and registration twice is not allowed by jamb

Questions and answers time

Question: what if after getting your E-pin you discovered that you made a mistake in your profile what will you do

Answer Please not that if you made any error on Jamb profile you can correct it your self by editing your Jamb profile. 

But if you made a mistake during registration at any cbt center, you have to go back to the center to correct it. 

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Question: Sir please av not seen any notification from jamb since the day I complete my registration

Answer: please check your email, ensure you check all folders 

Question: I have made a mistake during the registration…when putting my waec reg no_ I gave him wrong number

Answer : As registration is still on go back to the center and effect a correction 

Questions:I forgot to put my local government on my jamb profile creation and I have finish the registration

Answer: please don’t worry about this OK. 
Question:Please i want to change my exam centre. 

Answer: go back to the center and ask if this can be possible….. I doubt, 

Question: There was a mistake in my subject combination during my jamb registration,can it be correcte

Answer : you can correct subject combination when jamb will officially make announcement for that .. Keep visiting for update

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Other question have received are 

Please I have notice a mistake on how my name has been written

pls I made a mistake in creation of my jamb profile and I have already process for E-pin. pls what should I do

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116 thoughts on “how to edit my jamb profile-how to completely correct mistakes on Jamb profile

  1. pls I input the email I used last year and am not able to get any update from jamb pls how may I change it to a new email address pls

  2. It’s not my phone number that’s on my jamb profile and I want to change it.please how can I do that,and also will I get complete jamb details like admission details on my email and the phone numer

  3. please sir how can i change my email on 2018 jamb , i used because i wasn’t aware that the service is off… please help me sir

  4. I register with an un-existing e-mail and have tried opening creating d email so dat it may exist but wen I was creating d email dey told me it can’t be created cause it started with a number ( what do I do. Cus jamb send d re printing details to emails or is there another way I can re print my registration slip. Pls help me

  5. I used another persons number to register for jamb and someone else used the number again and that have changed the name registered for my jamb ,how can I change it back to my name

  6. Sir the course for my sbuject commbination was mistakenly changed to different course with a different subject commbination,will the school give me a course based on my subject commbination or i hve to do change of course?

  7. pls sir, when will jamb publicly announce the change of utme subject commbination, is it after the jamb regestration is over?

  8. Excuse me sir, a mistake was made during the registration of my name for jamb and it has just been corrected. But my question now is that the pin sent to my email carries the incorrect name is it still the same pin I would use for my correct name??

    • You can correct…. To correct a mistake in candidate’s name, send the [CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number
      To retrieve a lost Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 as text message from the same mobile number

  9. Sir… I sent two different names to 55019(though it was a mistake)….but I only got one profile code…. will it affect me??

  10. pls o… i discovered I made mistake when I sent my full name( I put my first name before my surname) to 55019 to get my profile code.. nd av registered…so.. my first name is nw my surname on d print out, vice versa… can I change this? if not would it affect anything in d future?

  11. please i want to correct the name i used during the Jamb profile code,please how can this be corrected…my first name was omitted when i sent my profile to 55019.

    • To correct a mistake in candidate’s name, send the [CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number
      To retrieve a lost Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 as text message from the same mobile number

  12. please i mistakenly used another number in creating the profile, and I have already paid before i noticed it wasn’t my number that I used. and I need to use my own number to complete the registration..hope it won’t affect me?

  13. Sir please can I change my email?
    They made a mistake while registering it and the registration is done there any chance I can change it and is it gonna affect me if I can’t change it?

  14. When registering for jamb the person made mistake in my e-mail address which wasn’t correct to the right one I wrote down, how I’m I going to get the e-mail sent to me for me to know when to write my jamb, and how can I change the wrong e-mail address to the correct one??
    Please I need to know..

    • That’s what most candidates are facing now, am researching on how to resolve this issue, mean while try to create that invalid email he used, if possible try to login to your Jamb profile using the invalid mail

  15. pls sir I used my previous email that I used for 2017 utme to register this 2018 utme. pls how can I change it or upgrade it?

  16. pls sir I used my previous email that I used for 2017 utme to register this 2018 utms pls will it affect me or how can I upgrade it??

  17. pls sir, I went to jamb office today to correct my email address(because the one mistakenly typed was invalid) but they did not attend to me, they were simply dismissing me as though it was impossible for them. And of course, I can’t login into my jamb profile because of that, do I have hope it’s driving me crazy. was the registration a waste?? pls help

  18. pls sir I used the same email I used to register in 2017 utme for 2018 utme registration but with a different password, is there a problem with it, n if so how do I rectify it

  19. Sir I made a mistake in the order of my name while texting it to 55019 and I typed the correct order to them but they did not respond so I registered like that. It’s just now they responded and said that my request was being processed, please what do I do cause I have already registered

    • Please re text them based on how you wrote your name while registering for JAMB.

      Plsmake sure it correspond with your O level results like what appeared in your waec or NECO Result.

      More also be rest assure that you can still rectify your name on Jamb Portal during change of course form.

  20. Gmail can’t create the invalid address used in opening my jamb profile because it resembles my former address and now I tried to create the invalid address with another phone number but Gmail says that it’s taken. do we have hope in the future to change our email address? if not then can we possibly be students with such jamb profile which can’t be logged into. won’t it affect us in future. pls help. Good bless you alot sir

  21. Hello sir my jamb profile is not working any more pls can I still be successful coz I used the profiles to access my utme result . of last year so I don’t know if jamb profile can implicate me

  22. I deleted my gmail account by mistake and cant recover it
    Please how can i change my gmail address on my jamb profile or how can i reprint without checking my gmail account

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